PCKC has disbanded

Pike’s Creek Keel Club was dissolved in November, 2021.

Greetings PCKC Members and Friends:

Many thanks to those that responded with good suggestions and encouragement as we pondered the future of PCKC. But it takes more than several people to carry the club forward, so we won’t be renewing our YCA membership for 2022, or continuing the club operations. For those with multi-year memberships beyond 2021, we’ll be refunding 2022 or beyond pre-payments in coming weeks. If there is a small balance remaining of club funds, it will be donated to a Bayfield-area cause before the club’s checking account is closed.

While we haven’t had actual club officers for some years, there’s no reason that a new slate couldn’t take PCKC forward in some form. The club’s assets are a small checking account, a web presence, some printed membership cards and a membership list. If you’re interested in forming a new slate of officers for PCKC, please contact one of the current volunteers to discuss options. The deadline driving the decision is the YCA membership for 2022, which is due now. If someone were willing to assume the financial risk of the $500 fee, even 2022 could be possible.

We’ve had some great times through PCKC, and we will continue to have great community at Port Superior. I would not be surprised if we even had a winter potluck, though not as PCKC. 

Fair winds to all!

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