Spring 2021 Update

Here’s hoping that this finds you in good health, enjoying the early spring, and looking forward to a great 2021 sailing season. The shrink wrap came off this week, and the boatyard is looking less like an arctic settlement every day.

Launch Lunch? May 15? (update 5/8 – confirmed we will have it!)

Happily, deciding on a launch lunch takes some careful thought this year. We’ll have to wait for the weather forecast, and the Covid numbers, to make a final decision. 1) not cold and rainy, and 2) not showing rapid growth from last week’s unfavorable turn. But we’re considering an outside, masked, socially distanced launch lunch for May 15 at noon. We’d plan for 25 with served sloppy joes, individual bags of chips, wrapped, really good, cookies or bars, bagged carrot sticks and served canned soft drinks. As always, it would be free for members and $5 for our guests. We’ll confirm or cancel this with an email on May 8.

Can you please send your comments with encouragement or discouragement for this to one of the volunteer leaders using the contact us link? And, please let us know if you’re able to help pull it together that day if conditions permit us to go forward.

Lake Level Forecast

Here’s the latest forecast from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District (www.lre.usace.army.mil):

Their March 21 update describes it: “Lake Superior continued its seasonal decline in March, falling about 2 inches to a level of 601.77 feet. The March mean level was 7 inches above its long‐term average (LTA) level and 6 inches below its March 2020 level. Water supplies and precipitation to Lake Superior were near average in the month of March. The recent six‐month forecast predicts Lake Superior to begin its seasonal rise in April. Water levels are forecast to remain 6 to 7 inches above LTA levels throughout the forecast period. Additionally, Lake Superior’s water levels are predicted to be 4 to 6 inches below last year’s levels and 7 to 9 inches below record high levels from April to September.”

Looks like we’ll have to start paying attention again…


Thanks to our members that have renewed this year! Your status is shown, below, and if your membership is not current or you’d like to join as a new member, we’d love extend the 2021 benefits to you: yacht club reciprocity through Yachting Club of America, discounts at Boat US, free launch lunches (when they can resume) and an opportunity to stay in touch with a community of sturdy Lake Superior sailors like you. Please browse to www.pckc.org (this site!) where you can renew or start your membership. Our membership year runs with the calendar year, and our only means to process your new or renewed membership is through www.pckc.org.

YCOA had a problem mailing cards to us this year, so next week we’ll mail to current members the usual up-to-date PCKC membership card and either the right 2021 YCOA card, or a marked-up 2020 YCOA card. We’ve confirmed we’re correctly listed in their current member book, so your PCKC card should be all you really need. Let us know if there is any problem.


If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact any of our volunteer leaders: Stan Ellison, Ted Nesse, or Pat Noordsij.

Wishing you good health and fair winds…

Stan Ellison                                         Ted Nesse                                          Pat Noordsij

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