Pike's Creek Keel Club

Notes from 2017 PCKC Fall Potluck and Meeting

Two members (the Nesses – Northern Harmony) and two prospective members (the Gabriels – Summer Snow) attended the event, along with two guests.  It was held in fine weather in a crowded corner of Julian Bay on 9/2/17 at 1PM.

In lieu of a member meeting with a vote, this year let’s see if we can handle our business by unanimous consent.  Proposed club actions are:

If you object to any of these proposed club actions (listed above), please reply to Ted Nesse on or before 9/14/17 with your objection so it can be shared with the other members.  Absent a specific objection from a member, the above actions will be considered approved on 9/15/17.

Club news will be posted to our website at http://www.pckc.org/, so check back there to get the exact dates for the upcoming haul-out lunch and winter potluck.

9/2/17 Meeting Notes:

  • Treasurer’s report
    • Account balance: $1,669
    • Current membership is 24 boats, 40 persons
    • Typical annual expense: Yachting Club of America membership: $500
    • Typical lunch expenses: $400 for full catering, less if member-prepared
    • Prior donations:
      • $200/yr Thunder Bay Pipes and Drums
      • $250/yr North Coast Community Sailing
  • 2017 support/donation for North Coast Sailing
    • Propose $250 for 2017 to North Coast Community Sailing
    • Also propose $200 to Thunder Bay Pipes and Drums
  • Haul-out lunch plans
    • One lunch, weekend before or after PSMA-sponsored lunch (hosted by Nesse)
    • We’ll do the additional weekend before or after PSMA-sponsored lunch if a member will volunteer to host it (contact Ted Nesse to arrange)
  • Select 2017-2018 leadership
    • Propose to continue with current acting leadership of Nesse/Noordsij/Ellison
  • 2018 winter potluck
    • Propose Saturday, January 13, 5PM potluck at a member’s home (TBD) in the Twin Cities

Ted Nesse for PCKC



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